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Custom metal welding and fabrication services by Monnig Welding Company - Cincinnati, OH

Monnig Welding Co.

Who We Are

Bernard Monnig started this business with a partner in 1876 as B Onyx Blacksmithing.  They specialized in building wagons with metal wheels and making iron horseshoes.

Bernard eventually gave the company to his son Lawrence. When technology began to change from blacksmithing to welding and fabricating in the 1920s, the company began to change as well. The company focused on working on bridges and heavy equipment and continued to grow through the decades.

A Family & Veteran Owned Company

Metal fencing repair and fabrication by Monnig Welding Company - Cincinnati, OH

Monnig Welding Co.

Our History

After Bernard Monnig’s son Lawrence ran the business, his son 3rd Gen William took over the family business in the 1960s and ran it until it eventually passed to the next generation in the mid-’80s.

4th GEN Larry Monnig Sr took over leadership of the business when his father William retired

Today the business is run by the 5th Generation of Monnigs with brothers Larry Jr & Anthony. Larry Jr recalls he and his brother visiting their dad Larry Sr in the shop since they were kids and watching and learning so much from their father.  The principles of customer service and reliability they learned continue today in Monnig Welding Company.

Serving Our Industry For Over 150 Years!

We specialize in welding, fabricating, and facility maintenance for commercial & residential projects.